New Yo-Kai Watch 4 Trailer Drops

Last October, fans of the Yo-Kai Watch series were disappointed when the next installment was delayed. The game is now slated to arrive in Japan this spring, and to help get fans excited—and to remind them that it’s still coming—Level-5 has dropped a brand new trailer for the upcoming release.

The trailer was revealed as part of World Hobby Fair 2019, which took place this weekend in Nagoya, Japan. The original protagonist of the game series, Keita, is featured in this trailer, but is only one of multiple human avatars playable in this instalment. Looks like there will be plenty of world exploration and plenty of challenging battles against the Yo-Kai, as perhaps one might expect from a Yo-Kai Watch game.

While there’s no announced release date for Yo-Kai Watch 4 in North America, the third instalment will hit the 3DS in February of this year. Since Yo-Kai Watch games eventually make their way here, we’re hoping eventually the fourth game will do the same.


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