PAX East 2019: Hamsterdam – First Impressions

Possibly taking the medal for the most adorable game we demoed at PAX East, Hamsterdam is a brawl / quicktime event game that’s strangely addictive and outrageously fun.

You’re a hamster on the streets, seeking revenge on the thugs who destroyed his home and took his grandfather hostage—or something like that.

Essentially, you progress through tougher and tougher battles (until you reach a boss battle), using combos and charge-ups along the way. It’s nothing you haven’t seen before if you haven’t played a brawler style game, and that’s a good thing. It feels accessible to anyone, and there are options for a variety of control methods to make it even easier to get in the swing of things.

While we played it on an iPad (“swipe-and-strike”), the gameplay options will also include using a traditional controller or motion controls.

Unlockable maps, customizable outfits, and interesting artwork—alongside a simple but silly story that’s bizarre enough to be engaging—made this one of the most memorable games of the show for our team. Really! It looks set to be a lot of fun. A release date wasn’t shared, but we’re keeping watch & will let you know when we have details.


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