Rising Rumors of Nintendo’s Search for Production Alternatives

Swirling in the rumor mill today is Nintendo’s purported search for production alternatives outside of China, due to the proposed tariffs on Chinese goods by the current US administration. If these tariffs go ahead, the cost of hardware (and other goods) to consumers could see a drastic and potentially prohibitive increase, resulting in a severely negative impact on the industry as a whole and disrupting technological progress.

Although the tariffs are only proposals and not a guaranteed future, and despite the resumption of talks between the United States and China, the ongoing uncertainty is leading a number of high profile companies to explore the possibility of alternative international locations for electronics manufacturing.

Nintendo is one of these companies, according to the Nikkei Asian Review. While Nintendo has not commented on this report, sources online are pointing to Vietnam as one of Nintendo’s potential alternatives.

Other companies involved in this search to shift production include Microsoft, Sony, Amazon and Google, among others.

Although it’s unlikely Nintendo or these other companies would sever their longstanding relationships entirely with their partners in China, it’s also not surprising that these tech giants would do what they can do prepare for the potentiality of US/Chinese negotiations turning sour and/or not reaching a favorable solution.


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