Hide the Lasagna, Garfield Kart is Back

There’s no shortage of kart racers on the Switch these days, but just in case you’ve become bored or disillusioned with the all-stars of Mario, Sonic or even Crash Bandicoot, perhaps you’d like to turn your attention to the latest contender: Garfield Kart Furious Racing.

A new Garfield racing game is heading to the Switch on November 5th, and technically speaking it’s going to be a “sequel” to Garfield Kart on the 3DS. The famous orange feline races Odie, Jon, and other assorted friends (even Nermal!) on 16 tracks set in Garfield’s world. Online races can handle up to eight players, and we’re getting four-player split screen, as is standard with a kart racer.

Customization with “dozens” of accessories and character-based driving styles are all set to entice you into this game. Time Trial mode is included, with Grand Prix and Single Race options.


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