Rabbids: Adventure Party Coming to Switch… in China

Last week, a new Rabbids game was announced for Switch from Ubisoft. However, Rabbids: Adventure Party won’t be coming soon to a store or eShop near you, unless something changes in the future—right now, the title appears to be an exclusive for China.

And while we’re sorry that Rabbids fans outside of China won’t get to play (or at least not for now), we suspect that those same fans are still curious to know what the game is about. Off-screen footage has appeared online—thanks to the ChinaJoy event happening over the past few days, where the game demo has been playable—so you can enjoy nine entire minutes of gameplay.

From the video, we see four-player support, plenty of mini-games, and lots of Rabbids insanity. From this brief glimpse, and based on the controller alignment, it looks like a mashup between 1-2-Switch and a Mario Party title.


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