Smash Bros Pro Player Admits to Match Fixing

The North American competitive Super Smash Bros. Ultimate scene has been struck by scandal! Zack Lauth, known as “CaptainZack” in the pro gaming scene, announced via Twitter that he’d been banned from the next Super Smash Con tournament in Virginia due to match-fixing.

This news followed his own admission on the same social media sit that he’d engaged in blackmail of a now-former pro player (Elliott “Ally” Carroza-Oyarce) by telling the player to lose matches against high-profile opponents at several prominent competition events. At the time, Lauth (who was underage) was in a relationship with Carroza-Oyarce. The latter retired from the competition scene after a lifetime ban.

According to Lauth, he engaged in this behavior due to a growing frustration with his own poor performance at competitive events. On Twitter, he said “I vow to never try to manipulate a match result again.”

In speaking with Polygon, a rep for Smash Con further clarified:

“Based on information provided by Zack on Twitter, the tournament staff at Super Smash Con felt it was inappropriate to allow Zack to compete in our event. Attempting to fix the outcome of a match is strictly forbidden in our rulebook and those were grounds used to make this decision.”

As to be expected, Lauth’s sponsor (Polar Ace Esports) dropped his contract for “blackmail, match fixing, and irresponsible behavior.”


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