DC Universe Online Available for Free

Can’t get enough of superheroes? Good news, DC Universe Online launched on Switch yesterday, and it’s free to play. It’s an MMO set in the DC Universe (obviously)  where you get to create your own character before teaming up with familiar faces like Wonder Woman, Superman, and even The Joker.

The content updates have been regular, and improvements to the game ongoing. The development team has stated they’re hard at work to ensure Switch players have “the best MMO experience” and are doing this via bringing new players into current event content within just a few hours of starting the game.

If your friends are already playing on a different console, however, you’re out of luck as the Switch version has its own server—but you don’t need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play, so there’s that.

Later this year, the game will be receiving two new episodes based on DC’s Dark Knights: Metal comic book series. Episode 35: Metal – Part I will drop in September of this year, and December will see the finale, Episode 36: Metal – Part II.


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