“A Dozen” Games Coming to Switch From OrangePixel

OrangePixel, a one-man game development ‘team,’ has announced plans to launch “a dozen” games on the Switch starting in September. Avid gamers may have encountered OrangePixel titles on other platforms before (non-Nintendo systems, but also including the 3DS), but this will be the first foray onto Switch.

The launch series will begin with Meganoid, a sci-fi themed procedurally-generated platformer. There hasn’t yet been details released about what other titles will be hitting the system, but it’s fair to guess that there will be a blend of older game re-releases and new additions to ongoing series. We’ll have to wait and see!

Here’s the feature list for this first release:

– Levels randomly generated on every game session, based on a set of templates, making the levels unique but instilling a sense of familiarity at the same time.
– Roguelike elements; Consumables, alternate routes, procedural generation, and many devices and gadgets add depth to the challenging gameplay.
– RPG elements; A lot of collectible items that will change the main character’s abilities to navigate the world. Find a jetpack to start flying around, find anti-gravity-boots to perform double jumps, and much more.
– Alternate paths to take. Find hidden bonus area’s to unlock, often providing you with a short-cut or very rare and powerful items to enhance your character.
– A hackable game world. Finding green key-cards allows you to modify how certain elements of the game act and respond to you. Stop rocket-launchers from working, make rockets fly less far, make destroyed robots drop extra lives.
– Unlock the build-in database with info on all the items and enemies you encounter to be better prepared on your next try.

Meganoid will be available on September 8th in the eShop.


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