Coming to Switch! Demos at PAX – Part 2 (G-L)

There’s a lot to see and do at PAX Online—much like an in-person PAX, it can be difficult to know where to begin when it comes to which games to check out, what might be relevant to your preferred mode of play, and so forth.

To assist you in the week ahead, we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of demos you can download and play in the “Expo Hall.” Almost all of these are available on Steam, with several titles via the Microsoft store or direct from the game’s website. We’ll be posting this in chunks for sake of manageability!

Please note that while some of the listings in the Expo Hall mentioned a demo for a particular game title, if we visited the linked “demo” page and we unable to find a demo (on the Steam page for the game, for example), we did not include that title here. That’s not to say the demos won’t be available later this week (rumor is more are being added throughout the show!) but we won’t be rechecking hundreds of game pages every day. Sorry! So if you know of a game you were hoping to check out but don’t see it in this list, please check out the Expo Hall listing yourself just in case right here (



  • Available on Microsoft Windows / Nintendo Switch / PlayStation 4 / Xbox One
  • Genre Action & Adventure / Platform / Role-Playing
  • Release date Coming Soon

Inspired by 16 and 32-bit classics, Gestalt: Steam & Cinder fuses tight 2D platforming and exhilarating combat with an engrossing narrative filled with conspiracy-laden intrigue, eccentric NPCs, dynamic side quests, and choice-driven dialogue.

Step into the boots of seasoned mercenary Aletheia and join a vibrant cast of characters as they find themselves embroiled in a conspiracy that threatens the very foundations of the steam-powered city of Canaan. Brawl in the streets with members of a nefarious syndicate, smash through a mechanized army of Clockwork soldiers, and battle the elite Vanguard who serve the city’s corrupt nobility, the Comitium. Fight for mankind’s survival and discover the dark truth at the heart of Steam City.



  • Available on Microsoft Windows / Nintendo Switch / PlayStation 4 / Xbox One
  • Genre Action & Adventure
  • Release date 24 September 2020

Going Under is a satirical dungeon crawler about exploring the cursed ruins of failed tech startups. As an unpaid intern in the dystopian city of Neo-Cascadia, you’ll wield office junk as weaponry as you make your way through the offbeat procedural dungeons beneath your company campus.



  • Available on PC / Nintendo Switch
  • Genre Action & Adventure / Platform / Puzzle
  • Release date 2021
  • Exhibitor Team 17 Upcoming

Greak: Memories of Azur is a side scrolling single-player game with hand-drawn animations. You will take the role of three siblings: Greak, Adara and Raydel to guide them through the lands of Azur. Alternate control between them and use their unique abilities to escape from the Urlag invasion



  • Available on Android / iOS / PC / Nintendo Switch
  • Genre Simulation / Strategy
  • Release date Coming Soon
  • Exhibitor Indie Games Poland Foundation

Hell Architect is a game about building and managing your own hell. You take on a role of a hell manager and are tasked with developing the underworld in a way that would make Lucifer himself fall off his chair.



Inkulinati is a turn-based strategy with medieval animals inspired by 700 years-old real-life medieval marginalia.

Become master of the Living Ink and lead your illustrated animal army on the pages of medieval books. Create your own bestiary, duel with medieval celebrities and go on wild quests, encounters and challenges. Through obscene actions write your story and become a legendary Master Inkulinati!

In Inkulinati, you will play the role of a Master of Living Ink, also known as the titular Inkulinati. They are a legendary group who battle one another on the pages of medieval manuscripts. They fight by drawing beasts with the Living Ink. Thanks to this magical substance, those creatures come to life and an epic battle ensues.



  • Available on Microsoft Windows / Nintendo Switch
  • Genre Action & Adventure / Kids & Family / Party, Music & Dance / Role-Playing / Simulation
  • Release date 2021

Innchanted is a co-op action adventure where you create magical potions, serve and befriend otherworldly guests, and keep playful beasties from messing up your inn.

Get together with friends and join mage apprentice Taram, who is not stoked to discover a scheming Wizard has taken over her Uncle’s magical Inn! That blinkin’ drongo thinks he can waltz in and take over? Well he’s got another thing coming.

Grab your friends and join inn this delightful adventure to save your shop from eliminnation!

• Play co-op to brew, cook and serve together!
• Or play management style by yourself in this fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants diner dash!
• Fight or befriend pesky monsters who love to cause mischief
• Make meaningful choices that impact the future of the inn

We’re trying to do business here! It’s not just any inn, it’s Innchanted!



  • Available on PC / Nintendo Switch
  • Genre Action & Adventure / Platform / Shooter
  • Release date Out now
  • Exhibitor The Arcade Crew

KUNAI is a quirky, fast-paced action adventure / metroidvania. You play as Tabby, a tablet who joins the fight against a robot uprising. Use your kunai and ninja parkour skills to stop Lemonkus, the A.I.-gone-evil that almost wiped out all human life.



  • Available on Microsoft Windows / Nintendo Switch / PlayStation 4 / Xbox One
  • Genre Action & Adventure / Fighting / Party, Music & Dance / Sport
  • Release date Coming Soon

KungFu Kickball is a fighting-sports game where the best ball kicker wins! Compete against your friends in a fantasy sport that mixes soccer with kung fu action movies. Fly through the air and unleash a flurry of punches, kicks, and mystical arts to overpower the other team and smash the ball into their bell. Every bell ring counts as a point and the team with the most points when time runs out is declared the winner.

Hone your skills in the single-player championship modes against increasingly difficult AI, then duke it out with friends in either local multiplayer or online multiplayer in versus or quickmatch modes.


– 1v1 or 2v2 online multiplayer
– Six unique stages and characters



  • Available on PC / Nintendo Switch / PlayStation 4 / Xbox One
  • Genre Action & Adventure / Arcade / Platform / Puzzle
  • Release date 2021
  • Exhibitor Hypetrain Digital

A love letter to the golden era of Gameboy and hard platformer games, Linked Mask is a modern classic. Travel through 6 towers, each hiding a mask that grants different powers. Navigate through a set of increasingly-difficult twists and turns to obtain all the masks and free the World!


And for the sake of being thorough, here are the games in the Expo Hall that, while they don’t have a PAX demo available, are still coming to (or are already available on) the Nintendo Switch and therefore may be relevant to your interests:



  • Available on Nintendo Switch
  • Genre Arcade / Simulation
  • Release date Out now

Ever wanted to know what it feels like to run your own Pizza shop? Now you can with TapBlaze’s newest cooking game, Good Pizza, Great Pizza! Do your best to fulfill pizza orders from customers while making enough money to keep your restaurant open. Upgrade your restaurant with new toppings, decor and kitchen equipment to compete against your pizza rival, Alicante!



  • Available on PC / Nintendo Switch / PlayStation 4
  • Genre Action & Adventure
  • Release date October 2020
  • Exhibitor

HARDCOREMECHA is a high-quality 2D platform shooting game inspired by various JapaneseRobot Animations. Featuring extremely realistic 2D animation with rich details, a drama-packed story mode with memorable moments, and a fierce multiplayer mode where the souls of steel collide for combat! HARDCOREMECHA, developed by RocketPunch Games, has brought to players a hype for mecha games last year, providing its players the most exciting, fierce, and unique battle of steel. The game had earned over 10 indie awards including Tokyo Game Show and was on top of PlayStation, Japan sales chart for weeks, and remained in the top 3 for over a month after its release. And the game’s Nintendo Switch version will release in October, now you can try the demo on the Nintendo Switch Game Store. It allows players to enjoy exciting battles with friends at any time, anywhere. A Mecha Action You Have Dreamed of!



  • Available on PC / Nintendo Switch / PlayStation 4 / Xbox One
  • Genre Arcade / Sport
  • Release date Coming Soon
  • Exhibitor Milky Tea

The universe’s greatest heroes have gathered to compete in a showdown for the ages; the legendary HyperBrawl Tournament!

Smash, brawl and score your way to victory in relentless, high-adrenaline, 1-4 PvP arena battles. Master the HyperCurve and channel the HyperForce to become the greatest hero in the universe.

Armed with unique weapons and a thirst for glory, take to battle-tested arenas in this 1-4 player arcade-style sport played locally or online.


Stay tuned for Part 3 of the demo listings tomorrow as well as our first impressions in the coming week on as many of these titles as we can possibly manage!


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