PAX Online 2020: Bubumbu – First Impressions

First, we have to say: Try this game. The Bubumbu demo is free, browser based, and you can try it right here: It’s a hand-drawn puzzle game where you match lost objects with their person or thing—literally, you have a puzzle piece with an image of the item on it, and your job is to help it wander back to where it belongs.

If it sounds simple, it is. And it’s so, so wonderful. The hand-drawn art, the calming music, the simple but effective animations… it’s the type of game that you can spend a few minutes on in the midst of a busy, stressful day, and come away with a smile on your face and a lowered heart rate.

Right now there are only five “mini-worlds” to play, but the team is working on more—their latest level was “Sugar Valley,” a world full of candy and sweets, added in June 2020.

An Otter Team is working on a touchscreen version for Nintendo Switch, with a release date coming in future. A few additional nice details is that the game is color-blind friendly and textless, making it a great little offering for folks from all types of backgrounds. It’d be a wonderful title to play through with kids or even add to a classroom lesson about logic, matching, and so forth.

It looks great, sounds great, plays great. About the only not-so-great thing is that there’s… not enough of it. We want more! We’re crossing fingers that a full-length game is in the works and coming soon.

Honestly, go check it out. Take a deep breath. Enjoy the sounds and the images. This is exactly the kind of game we need this year.


PAX Online Listing Information:

  • Available on Android / PC / Nintendo Switch
  • Genre Puzzle
  • PEGI Rating PEGI 3
  • Release date Coming Soon
  • Exhibitor Leftfield Collection

Bubumbu is a cute and clever puzzle game in which you get to help lost objects find their way back to where they belong.


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