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By Dave, April 7, 2018 0 PAX East 2018

How much time did you spend on the Expo Hall floor yesterday? Enough to make those legs hurt a touch more than you’d expected? It’s okay, we get it. Why not take a break and check out a console tournament?… Read More »

By Dave, April 6, 2018 0 PAX East 2018

If you didn’t get a chance to play in a console tournament yesterday, that’s okay! There are a few to choose from today and there’s one that could be on a Nintendo console or another platform, so do check on… Read More »

By Dave, April 5, 2018 0 PAX East 2018, Switch

It’s always tricky making a sequel of a beloved game… it’s tough to create that balance between the charm of the original while also bringing in new aspects that surprise and delight but don’t overwhelm the heart of the game…. Read More »

By Dave, April 5, 2018 0 PAX East 2018

Nintendo is attending PAX events in full force these days, and the crowds are going wild! Er, so to speak. Either way, there are definitely more Nintendo-themed panels to look forward to, so each morning we’ll be highlighting some Nintendo-themed… Read More »

By Dave, February 28, 2018 0 News, Switch

We are not making this up—it’s time for the latest and greatest in kart racing titles to hit the Nintendo Switch, coming in the form of Coffin Dodgers. Yes, that’s right. This dark comedy game from Milky Tea Studios and… Read More »

By Dave, February 26, 2018 0 Mario, News, Switch

In this past month’s issue of Game Informer, we’ve learned some interesting details about Super Mario Odyssey and Nintendo’s path for its development—if you want to read the whole thing, we encourage you to head over to GI and have… Read More »

By Dave, February 23, 2018 0 News, Pokemon

It’s almost here… Pokémon Day is happening next week on February 27th! You won’t get the day off, no… but if you’re a Pokémon fan, there will be plenty for you to celebrate these little monsters. Use the official #PokemonDay… Read More »

By Dave, February 21, 2018 0 News

Whether it was Boxing Day sales or post-Christmas blues, we may never know—but the sales results are in from NPD for January, showing that the Nintendo Switch led the way with most units sold for the month after Christmas. It’s… Read More »

By Dave, February 15, 2018 0 News

Fans of the 16-bit era Shaq Fu games, rejoin! Shaq is back and on the attack with Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn this Spring 2018. The game is being described as an action-packed “beat ‘em up” where players control Shaquille… Read More »

By Dave, February 15, 2018 0 News, Switch

Nintendo Labo is coming down the pipeline very, very soon, but there are still plenty of questions about what it is and how it works. Nintendo has anticipated these by releasing a number of new trailer videos that go into… Read More »