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By Micah, September 2, 2019 0 News, PAX West 2019

You’re tired, we’re tired, but who wants to stop gaming if they can help it? If you’re enjoying the last day of PAX, why not spend it with a few new friends and a little bit of victory in your… Read More »

By Micah, September 1, 2019 0 News, PAX West 2019

Another day, another selection of Nintendo-themed panels that will give you a chance to get off your feet, relax, and recharge whilst being entertained by the people at the front of the room. Today we have several music-themed panels, top… Read More »

By Micah, August 31, 2019 0 News, PAX West 2019

There’s only one console tournament today on a Nintendo system, but it’s a good one! If you’re a Tetris fan and love the retro versions, this one’s for you. Make sure you’re there early in the console freeplay area to… Read More »

By Micah, August 30, 2019 0 News, PAX West 2019

Nintendo’s presence at PAX events has been strong as of late, with plenty of content dedicated to ongoing franchises and third-party titles that are popular on the company’s hardware. Each day of PAX, check out the site for a highlight… Read More »

By Micah, August 23, 2019 0 News, Switch

Large-handed gamers—or those of you who play your Switch a lot, or if you hands are bigger than a child’s, or… well, you get the idea—the time has come! Say goodbye to hand cramps and hello to the latest version… Read More »

By Micah, August 21, 2019 0 News, Switch

Although the current relationship between Nintendo and Microsoft is positive, it looks like Ori and the Blind Forest could wind up being the final Xbox title we see on the Switch. Microsoft provided a statement to yesterday about the… Read More »

By Micah, August 13, 2019 0 Mario, News

Across Android and iOS devices, Dr. Mario World has been downloaded 7.5 million times in the first month since release… and banked approximately $1.4 million in revenue. Compared to other Nintendo mobile releases, this places the good doctor squarely in… Read More »

By Micah, August 4, 2019 0 News, Switch

During the development process for Daemon X Machina, Marvelous Entertainment has shown themselves to be highly self-aware and deeply in touch with the folks who are interested in their game offering. They care what the fans thing, and have continually… Read More »

By Micah, July 30, 2019 0 News, Switch

You may or may not be aware of Nintendo’s practice of including in their quarterly statements a list of the upcoming / scheduled releases for the company—as well as providing any information regarding delays or updates to the plan as… Read More »

By Micah, July 30, 2019 0 News

The latest financial figures from Nintendo’s recent statements painted a rather nice picture when it came to sales numbers—but some additional information and analysis has revealed that all isn’t quite as peachy as those initial statements suggested. Even with overall… Read More »