PAX West 2019: Panels of Interest (Friday)

Nintendo’s presence at PAX events has been strong as of late, with plenty of content dedicated to ongoing franchises and third-party titles that are popular on the company’s hardware. Each day of PAX, check out the site for a highlight of Nintendo-themed panels we see in the schedule that may be of specific interest to our readership.

We may choose to mention them here based on these criteria: Content, presenters, or general thematic ties with Nintendo as a brand.

Please remember that all panels highlighted in these daily posts are entirely subjective, and we encourage you to flip through the program on your own! However, maybe us pointing certain things out here will help to narrow down your choices or highlight panels and events that you might otherwise not have noticed.


Let’s Fight Over the Best Pokémon!? – 3:00pm-4:00pm (Raven Theatre)

We’ve been to PAX South and PAX East, but now we are bringing the fight over the best Pokémon to PAX West. Do you think Mewtwo is more influential than Lucario? Is Espurr more cute than Litten? Does Pikachu rank higher than Togepi?

Hosted by the Pokémon podcast team: It’s Super Effective! We carry this list of best Pokémon from PAX to PAX to have the audience help us determine which Pokémon reigns as the best!

PANELISTS: PKMNcast [Host/Producer, PKMNcast], Greg Leatherman [Co-Host, PKMNcast]


PAX Makes Mario – 7:30pm-8:30pm (Sandworm Theatre)

Collective construction with Mario Maker 2 because of course we should! Come help craft a unique level over the course of this panel, after which the (hopefully completable) stage will be published for those in attendance and all players around the world to enjoy and/or suffer through. Special guests will lend a creative hand as well as some humorous words.

PANELISTS: Pete Vellucci Jr [Lead Designer, Robot High Five], Sarah Landstrom [Lead Artist, Robot High Five], Chris King [Senior Hatbearer, Batterystaple Games], Emma Larkins [Tabletop Games Designer, Independent], Aenne Schumann [Narrative Designer/Writer, Fiction Factory Games], Eric Chi [Streamer, Nubbins Inc]



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