So where are all the 3DS titles going?

With the announcement of MegaMan Legends 3 cancelled, and Assassin’s Creed: Lost Legacy morphing into another non-3DS title, we decided to take a look through the titles that were announced at the reveal of the 3DS and shortly afterwards, to see if there were more going missing or significantly delayed.  There were, lots:


DJ Hero 3D – Activision isn’t publishing any music games this year (probably cancelled)


Mega Man Legends 3 – cancelled

Electronic Arts

My Garden – cancelled


Bomberman – cancelled

Bonk – cancelled

Omega Five – cancelled


Contra 3DS – Nothing since E3 2010, other than a large C and ‘they’re coming’ teaser at E3 2011.  Hopefully this means the 3DS title.


Bloodrayne: The Shroud – on hold


CRUSH3D – Delayed to Feb 21, 2012 due to 3DS sales

Shinobi – Delayed to Nov 15, 2011 due to 3DS sales


Saints Row: Drive By – declined comment on status (probably cancelled)


Assassin’s Creed: Lost Legacy – turned into Assassin’s Creed: Revelations (cancelled)

Warner Brothers

Batman 3DS – Nothing since E3 2010

Some of the announced titles have come out, some have missed windows, but these were the ones with either big names (Contra, Batman) or clear news that they were gone.  Meanwhile, we get things like Reel Fishing Paradise 3D announced.  Now, I’m not saying the 3DS is losing 3rd party support when it’s barely out of the gate, but can somebody please make some games for it?


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