TwinBee the next 3D Classic

In a bit of an odd choice, the next 3D Classic to be released will be the 1985 arcade (then later Famicom) vertical scrolling shoot-em-up game TwinBee. It’s another Konami shooter, which joins Xevious and Excitebike as the first half of the six expected 3D Classics titles.   It will only be one-player, and we can assume it will be the Famicom version.  No word on when it will be released outside Japan, but if we follow what happened with Xevious, it probably won’t be that far after the August 10th release in Japan for 600 yen/$7.75.

Anyone else a little disappointed that we’re getting a relatively obscure Konami shooter?  I had high hopes as I’ve enjoyed both Xevious and Excitebike, but another scrolling shooter wasn’t what I wanted, as much as I love them.


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