Capcom Charging For Demos Again

Now, I’m not saying Dead Rising:Case Zero was a demo that you paid for, but it kind of was.  And the original plan for Megaman Legends 3 was to produce a paid demo, and then green-light production based on how well it sold.  So we shouldn’t really be all that surprised when they pull these shenanigans again.  Thanks to our friends over at Kotaku, we’ve gotten word of a paid demo released in Japan.

The ‘demo’ (Capcom isn’t calling it that, unsurprisingly) is for the game Nazo Waku Yakata, which is interesting in that it uses no buttons at all.  The ‘first chapter’ is up for sale for the equivalent of about $2.50, which really isn’t all that much.

Of course, the amount you’re spending on the demo isn’t really the issue here, it’s that we’re paying for a promotional product, that in itself is being used to make us want to buy the full game.  However, if spending that $2.50 means the whole game will cost us $2.50 less, then we’re talking about episodic gaming instead of a demo, and that’s a completely different discussion.



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