3DS Gets a second Analog Stick, more hideous

The 3DS isn’t a perfect design, and I know some folks really hate the three-tone design, but I like it.  It feels solid and chunky, while still being small, portable and easy to slip into a pocket.  It also only has one analog stick, with a controls layout like the original PSP, of course with an added touch screen.

Well, I mentioned it before, and it looks like it is in fact real, thanks to scans of the newest Famitsu magazine that have popped up on twitter.  It looks like this is an analog stick and shoulder-button add-on for the 3DS, quite possibly to be packaged with Monster Hunter 3G.

I know Monster Hunter is some pretty serious business in Japan, and many thought the omission of a second analog stick on the 3DS was inexcusable, but this?  No thank you sir, no thank you.


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