11pm Nintendo 3DS Conference Live Stream!

In just a couple of hours, the Nintendo 3DS conference will be starting, and they will be broadcasting a live stream of it here.  Now, I don’t speak Japanese, but I think I’ll be able to suss out the pertinent details.

So, what are we expecting from this pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference?  I wouldn’t be surprised by a release of the slide-pad attachment for free or cheap, or as has been rumoured, an announcement of a complete redesign of the system.

Also hoping for an announcement of a host of new games, preferably new IP’s or non-N64 Zelda, StarFox, etc. titles.  More Digital games hopefully, and really anything else at this point.  This isn’t about the Wii U so don’t expect pricing info or anything, but there absolutely will be some kind of new product announcement, stick around for a bit to find out what that is.


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