Cut the Rope and eShop Pricing

So ‘Cut the Rope’, the awesome little game available on the iTunes marketplace for $0.99, the Android Marketplace for $0.99 or free (for the ad-supported version) is coming this week to the 3DS.  This is causing consternation, not because it’s coming to the system, but because of the price.

It’s unconfirmed what it will end up costing in North America, but expect around $5-7.  This means that it is significantly more expensive than the comparable versions that you might find on your smartphone, should you have one.  I think we can all agree that bringing mobile hits to the eShop is a great idea, but I wonder if the developers are shooting a little high with their pricing.  There simply isn’t the competition yet in the eShop, and if all of your friends are playing a game (or finished it a year ago in this case) then you might just be motivated to drop a significantly larger amount on it.

No word yet on if the title is significantly expanded or not, but let’s look at another mobile-phone darling: Plants vs Zombies.  It’s $2.99 on the iTunes marketplace, but $7.99 on the eShop.  It seems like a rip-off, until you look at the Xbox Live Arcade price of 1200 points, or roughly $15.  What does this all mean?  Well, buy the game on the platform that makes the most sense to you.  Just be aware that you have many options.


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