3D Porch shutting down

Unfortunately I became aware of this site just a little too late.  3Dporch.com will be shutting down as a 3D image upload site, and remaining as a small archive of the best.

The site was created to be the place to go to upload your 3D pictures taken from your 3DS or other 3D capable camera.  You could create an anaglyph (red and green) 3D image, one of the ‘wiggle’ images that quickly changes between the two pictures that your 3DS takes, or even download the original files.  With 43,221 3DS images currently uploaded, you’d think the site was doing alright, as 3D is really in its infancy right now.

Phil Dhingra bought a 3DS ahead of the South-by-Southwest music festival to kick things off and was even written about online by CNN, but in the end the hosting costs caught up to him.  Instead of falling back on donations or other options, he’s decided to shutter the site for now, but with a backup ready to go in case things pick up again.  Kind of sad that I just found out about it, hopefully with an influx of 3DS’s in the market, the site will make sense financially some time in the future.



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