Apple claims they have the ‘most popular portable game player in the world’

File this under: hyperbole.  At the press event for the ‘new’ iPhone 4S, Apple’s Phil Schiller talked about the iPod touch, claiming that:

Not only is it the most popular music player in the world, but we’re excited to announce it’s now also the most popular portable game player in the world

Apple revealed that over 68 million users signed up to the Gamecenter network, which has achievements and recommendations.  They said some other things too, but I don’t care.  You don’t make a statement that stupid and get to have me keep listening to you.  Let’s ignore the fact that the iPod touch is not a dedicated game player and assume that all 68 million of those users bought it primarily for games.

Nintendo DS – Lifetime sales of 148.5 million

Sony PSP – Lifetime sales of 69.7 million

So… No.  It’s not.  Nice try though.

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