Super Mario 3D Land Boomerang Powerup

In the constant release of media from Nintendo leading up to the release of Super Mario 3D Land, more clues are popping up.  We’ve only seen 3 of the 8 worlds so far, and now we’ve got a couple more awesome things to show you! One being a Hammerhead Brothers-esque boomerang suit!  Now, I’m assuming it won’t be exactly like this Super Mario Brothers 3 e-reader powerup (never released in North America, sadly) where you need to catch each boomerang, but we have no way of knowing yet.  Either way, it’s a fun video to watch again.

Looks awesome, eh?  Well how about the P-Wing?

And the top image looks like a Tanooki Mario that has a invincibility star, or some kind of crazy rabbit suit!  Either way, can’t wait until November!

UPDATE: If you lose five lives on any given level, the game will give you an invincible Tanooki suit — think of it as having constant Star power while wearing the Tanooki suit. You can still fall to your death, so if you die ten times on a level, a special P Wing block emerges, allowing you to zip right to the end.


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