VVVVVV coming to the 3DS!

Do you love dying repeatedly?  Do you love gravity-based gameplay, chiptunes and dying repeatedly?  How about dying repeatedly?  If you love one or more of those things, than you should give VVVVVV a look.  Nicalis has announced that they’re planning on bringing their indie hit VVVVVV to the 3DS through a publishing arrangement with Terry Cavanaugh

Released in late 2010 for PC, VVVVVV is a 2D action-platformer deeply rooted in the days of 8-bit gaming with incredibly challenging gameplay and secrets. In VVVVVV, you play as Captain Viridian, who must not only save a dimension on the brink of collapse, but also find your ship’s crew–all of whose names begin with the letter V.

Now 3DS owners can experience the critically acclaimed game in 3D, anywhere. When asked for an obligatory quote, Terry Cavanagh said, “I’m VVVVVVery excited about it! This is the first time anything I’ve made has been on a console.”

Honestly though, it’s brutally difficult.  A lot of fun though.



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