3DS Bundles coming! Pretend to act shocked!

So, the first holiday season for the 3DS is upcoming and that means people are going to be getting one from somebody else.  I already know three people in my immediate group getting one for Christmas and another just got one for his birthday, so by my anecdotal evidence, 40% of people in Canada are going to be getting a 3DS soon.  But which to buy?

Nintendo has thankfully made that question a little harder to answer, with a couple more questions to ask about the person you’re buying for:  Do they like Zelda? and Do they like Mario?  Of course if the answer is yes to both of those, you’re in quite a pickle.

Coming out on November the 24th, Nintendo has confirmed there will be a Zelda 3DS bundle that include The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, as well as a black 3DS with some nice gold artwork on the lid.  They will also be releasing a Flame Red 3DS with Super Mario 3D Land included.  They will each cost $199.99, which is about a $10 savings if you went and bought either of those $40 games and a $170 3DS.  Of course there have been a couple sales for $150 for the 3DS and if you look around this Friday you might get lucky.  Of course that would mean you couldn’t get the Zelda 3DS, which is the nicest looking one so far.  Happy shopping!


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