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If you’re reading this site and you don’t know what Club Nintendo is, you need to keep reading after this sentence.  And this one.  Over at you can register your Nintendo systems to extend their warranties, and register your games.  Why do you want to do this, other than the warranty?  Because with each game or system that you register, you get coins.  Then you often have the opportunity to do surveys after you’ve registered the game, to give your feedback on what you liked and didn’t like about it, to earn more coins.  You can also register that you intend to buy a game, to earn more coins.  If you link your 3DS, DSi or Wii and buy digital download games or Virtual Console games, you’ll automatically earn even more coins!

Unfortunately you don’t get extra lives when you reach 100 coins, but you do get free cool stuff.  If you earn enough coins in a given year Nintendo will send you something absolutely free.  And with the coins that you earn, you have the opportunity to ‘buy’ things from their store with the coins you’ve earned, which cost you nothing and will be shipped to your house for free.  It’s a loyalty program, but in my opinion a good one.  This probably has partially to do with the fact that I have a Mario statuette sitting on my desk, a Mario hat DS shelf holding some games and the new Mario t-shirt coming my way, but there’s no reason you couldn’t do the same.

So, what’s new?  The aforementioned Mario t-shirt with some great Super Mario Bros. classic sprites on them, some Mario shoelaces and some collectable cards showing the history of Nintendo’s portable gaming systems. Take a look at the gallery below for the new items, or head over to and check out everything else you can earn.


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