Fan of Shoot-em-ups? Tanks? Kokuga is Koming!

File this under oh-man-I-hope-we-get-a-release-here, as Japanese developer G. Rev has revealed to Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu that they are developeing an overhead tank shooter for the 3DS that’s playable by 4 player simultaneously with support for download play.

The game’s stages are placed on a grid of triangles, that get unlocked when you complete a neighbouring stage, giving you all kinds of choice as to what order you tackle things.

It’s set for a spring 2012 release and is about 40% done, which sounds like they are making it rather quickly.  But the real question is why should you care, right?  They haven’t mentioned a North American release, but I’m posting this because I know there are other shooter fans out there who have played some of the excellent games that G. Rev has worked on like Ikaruga, Border Down and Senko No Ronde.  Excited yet? I am!



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