Lego Batman 2: Super Heroes coming for 3DS, Wii

According to the sleuths over at MCVUK, Lego Batman 2: Super Heroes is in the works for 3DS and Wii.  How did they figure this out? Artwork printed in a new range of Lego super hero toys.  They’re due for official release in 2012, which probably means the game will come out sometime around then, but some US retailers are already stocking them, which is how they found out.

The artwork includes Superman and Wonder Woman, as well as Green Lanter, Lex Luthor and the Joker.  The line will also include sets from Marvel as well, which I’m hoping means some Iron Man or Avengers Lego video game love, perhaps to coincide with a certain massive movie coming out in 2012?  Named The Avengers?  Here’s hoping!


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