New Dates for Zelda Symphony

No, nothing on the East Coast.  Now that I’ve said that, the 25th Anniversary Zelda Symphony which is touring has announced 4 more dates!  Unfortunately they’re only in 3 cities and there’s nothing on the East Coast yet.  Head over to Zelda-Symphony for tickets! Toronto tickets on sale March 31st. Here’s hoping! EDIT: There are now!

January 10th – Dallas, TX

March 4th – Vancouver, BC

March 26th – Seattle, WA

April 7th – Denver, CO

April 20th – Phoenix, AZ

April 21st – Phonenix, AZ

May 12th – Atlanta, GA

May 31st – Montreal, QC

June 22nd – Austin, TX

July 14th – Orlando, FL

Sept 29th – Toronto, ON


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