(UPDATE: Fake) Rumor, dual Simultaneous 3DS Zeldas?

Now, we already know that Nintendo is working on a 3D Zelda for the 3DS.  This is not a surprise that they would bring one of their most popular franchises to their new system.

However, Sam Claiborn of IGN has decided to come out and say this:

Nintendo is working on at least two other Zelda games right now, and I can’t wait to see them.

And then, somebody on 4chan helpfully whipped up the featured image, with evidently poorly-formed Japanese that is supposed to indicate a ‘Fire Prophecy’ and ‘Ice Prophecy’ Zelda game coming out.  While dual releases aren’t new for Nintendo, take this with several bags of salt.

Update: A translator over at GlitterBerri has confirmed what other’s were saying yesterday, that the titles in that image were all funky, but he broke it down.

-Using ? instead of ?, which renders it completely nonsensical
-Writing “fire” in kanji and “ice” in katakana makes the titles inconsistent. They should either write both in katakana or both in kanji


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