Project Cars coming to the Wii U

There hasn’t been a whole lot of news lately on titles coming to the Wii U, but we’ve got one title here for you.  Over on their official site, an image has shown up with the Wii U logo on it, which is as good as a confirmation in my books.

Project Cars is coming out in 2013 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, and I suppose the Wii U as well.   It looks like an incredibly in-depth racing title, and one I’m quite looking forward to.  If you’re into racing, you should absolutely have this on your radar.  Of course now I’m left to wonder what kind of racing wheel support the Wii U will have, given that the Wii pretty much had none at all.  Here’s hoping it’s ‘something’ at least, more than the Mario Kart wheel.



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