Nintendo Direct Product Reveals

Nintendo decided that news should be announced directly to consumers on their official site, announcing the broadcast by a swapnote from Nintendo of America boss Reggie.  This is the third such ‘Nintendo Direct’ broadcast, and they’ve always been full of interesting and not-so-interesting news.  So, what was confirmed for sure?

First of all, Mario Tennis Open is the official name (Called it!) and it’s coming out on May 20th (25th in Japan) complete with comprehensive online support.  And look, a new trailer, complete with crazy trick shots and a touch-screen control interface if you don’t feel like remembering all of those button combos.

Ahh, 3D tennis from Nintendo.  Oh hey, wait a second….

Why can’t we get some Virtual Boy games on the Virtual Console for the 3DS?  Talk about eye damage….

Second of all, The Last Story is coming to North America, thanks to publisher Xseed Games.  It has received great reviews in Japan, and was one of the three games that ‘Operation Rainfall’ made it their goal to bring to North America, along with Xenoblade which is also coming!  So who says complaining never got you anywhere?

In case you’re wondering, the reason it was so hotly anticipated is because it was directed by the creator of Final Fantasy, one Hironobu Sakaguchi.  Now Xseed Games may seem like a completely unknown publisher, but that’s probably because it’s a small localization studio that is best ‘known’ for some Falcom RPGs.  Don’t worry, I had no idea who they were before I looked it up either.

Third and finally, starting in mid-March the 3DS eShop is getting Sega Game Gear games.  In Japan.  Fingers crossed they show up in North America shortly afterwards.






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