Gaijin Games and Hideo Kojima talk Wii U

In our constant drive to bring you news of what we might be seeing appear on the Wii U, we’ve got a couple people saying some interesting things.

First off, Gaijin Games has delayed Bit.Trip Runner 2 to November, which would very nicely put it in the Wii U launch window, so Eurogamer asked co-founder Mike Roush about it.

[A Wii U version is] definitely something we’re thinking about. My guess is we will always be with Nintendo, everyone at Gaijin Games is a Nintendo fanboy, so we will most likely continue that relationship in the future.

On Runner 2 in particular:

We’ll make one game and cross-platform it to the best of our ability, we’re close to half-way [done Runner 2]. The original Bit.Trip series developed a game every three months, we really want to make Runner 2 the product it has to be. So we’re going to be spending time playtesting it, making it just right.

When we made these decisions we never knew about Wii U. So rather than us ‘leaving Nintendo’, it’s that these decisions were made a year ago. We would never leave Nintendo, we love them to death.

And about a project they want to do called BitTroid:

We’ve been joking around for years about making ‘BitTroid’ – a mash-up of Bit.Trip and Metroid. We’ve never thought about it seriously but we talk about it often. It would be something we’d love to do. We’d need to get a sub-team focused on that and do it in the old Bit.Trip style.

If you’re curious about what Bit.Trip Runner 2 is going to look like, take a look at this pre-alpha footage.


Now, on to Metal Gear man Hideo Kojima.  In a recent press Q&A, he had this to say about the Wii U:

Wii U is kind of a special case, the way the player interacts with the device is very different than any other device out there. So if I were to make a game for the Wii U, it would have to be a unique game.

I don’t want any misconceptions that [the Fox Engine] is specific to a certain hardware platform, because it’s not. The way we envision it, it’s more this platform that isn’t mounted to a particular hardware.

The Fox Engine is of course the new multiplatform graphics engine that Kojima Productions has put together, which may very well be ready for the next generation of consoles.


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