Wii U: Graphics on par with current generation

There has been much talk back and forth about the capabilities of the Wii U versus the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, for obvious reasons.  Although the Wii has had the hardware sales for this generation by a large margin, there is a lack of third party support compared to the other consoles because to make a game multi-platform for the Xbox/PS3 and PC is already a great deal of work.  If you add in another console that has drastically lower capabilities, then you’re going to have to start cutting things out to make it fit.  So we’ve kept a close eye on what developers are saying about the Wii U, and this quote comes from the  director of the game Darksiders 2, which just came out for the PS3 and Xbox. (Thanks to Nirolak for translating it)

GameReactor: This one is all coming out for the Wii U. How has that been?

Darksiders 2 Game Director Marvin Donald: Uh, so far, so good. We have limitations based on Nintendo’s progress, but, you know, that really has, the only problem that’s been for us is, you know, not having an actual release date. But once we know when the Wii U has, when Nintendo has commited to a firm date, you know, we will be able to commit to a date for Darksiders II, but we’re planning on it being a launch title, and so far everything’s been smooth sailing.

We got the game running on their hardware pretty quickly, and the controller’s been great to work with, now it’s just down to deciding what we really want to do to make it a unique experience on the Wii U. You know, taking advantage of you know the extra screen and the touch capability and all that. So, you know, so we’ll have a few new feature for sure, but I think visually, for the most part, it’ll be pretty much the same.

You know, so far the hardware’s been on par with what we have with the current generation’s. Based on what I understand, the, you know, the resolution and textures and polycounts and all that stuff, we’re not going to being doing anything to uprez the game, but we’ll take advantage of the controller for sure.

Now, this seems contrary to some information we’ve heard before, even from the technical director of that very same game!  This is of course if he was referring to the ‘current generation’ of consoles and not PC’s, as Darksiders 2 is out on both.  I guess what this means is… wait until June!  At E3 we’ll have a much, much better idea of what we’re dealing with.


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