Blockbuster UK outs Wii U Launch titles?

Thanks to GONintendo for this, some screens of BlockBuster in the UK showing a lineup for the Wii U.  Of course this isn’t a confirmation as we’ve seen these kind of listings proved false in the past, but it certainly seems plausible. So what’s on the list?

Aliens: Colonial Marines

Assassin’s Creed (3)

Batman: Arkham City

Darksiders 2

Dirt 3

Formula 1 All Stars

Game Party

Ghost Recon Online

Just Dance 4

Killer Freaks from Outer Space

Marvel Super Heroes

Metro: Last Light

Monsters Party

New Super Mario Brothers Mii

Ninja Gaiden 3

Pikmin (3?)

Rabbids: Party Land

Raving Rabbids

Rayman Legends (Rayman: Origins 2)

Shield Pose

Splinter Cell 6

Sports Connection

Tekken (Versus? 6?)

Your Shape 2013


Some we know are confirmed, some we’ve never heard of and some are incredibly vague.  I don’t know about you, but I’m pumped for Zombie!


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