NetherRealm Stares Blankly at GamePad

…so to speak.

Turns out that even though NetherRealm’s fighter set in the DC Universe – Injustice: Gods Among Us – has been confirmed for the Wii U, the developing team doesn’t quite know what to do about the GamePad and its unique features.

This isn’t unusual, as we’ve seen a number of games so far not making full use of its abilities, most notable Tekken Tag Tournament 2. The creative director of the game, Ed Boon, spoke to website Polygon about the game and what we’ll see across platforms… and what they’re struggling with in terms of finding that unique, creative way to make use of the GamePad:

Right now, all the systems are in parity with the same feature sets. We’re obviously going to have some conversation about the Wii U’s unique controller and how to use it in a fighting game that’s not just a gimmick. I don’t want to just have a touch screen that shows all the secret moves and you just press them to fire them off. Thankfully the game isn’t out until next year, but it’s certainly not something that we’ve cracked yet.

Since the game isn’t out until 2013, they have time to work it out… but can they bring something unique to the table of GamePad uses after launch is another question.


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