FIFA Producer Says Wii U Has “Wow” Moments

While we haven’t heard anything official yet about FIFA 13 for the Wii U, FIFA executive producer David Rutter’s interview with CVG revealed that there’s definitely interest in the Wii U GamePad’s potential, saying that it has “wow” moments and is “pretty exciting.”

His response to the question of whether he found the Wii U interesting was enthusiastic and promising, and it appears that Rutter is impressed by many of the ideas his team has for use of the second screen… though he’s keeping quiet on the details.

“It’s pretty exciting actually. I’ve been talking to a bunch of the guys about the games that they’re working on here, and about what they want to do with Wii U or with [Xbox] SmartGlass and stuff like that. And if you look at it from a different perspective, I’m not going to tell you exactly what because it’s kind of competitive advantage, I think there were a few kind of ‘wow, that’s a pretty cool way of looking at it’ moments, so that idea of a second screen, I think it has some really, really big positives.”


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