Crazy Hunter’s Goat-Tipping Croc Coming to DSiWare

…and if that isn’t enough to entice you to play the game, maybe this will: In Crazy Hunter, you play Dundee the Mad Crocodile who discovers there are cloud-dwelling hens in the sky who lay golden eggs… and of course becomes even crazier with greed and decides to make towers of goats to get the eggs. Yes, that’s right. Towers of coats. And candy. And there’s a super-charged speedboat in there somewhere too.

Look, at this point, we don’t even care about the gameplay itself, because the whole thing just sounds so darn fun. It’s a ridiculous idea and if it works, it’ll be even better.

EnjoyUp Games is known for providing fun and low-priced games on DSiWare, so we’re hoping that Crazy Hunter follows in those footsteps.


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