E3 Will See 3DS Super Smash Bros. 4

The gaming-verse is all a-flutter this morning, after Masahiro Sakurai took to Twitter to make a small announcement that sent Nintendo fans into a tailspin. Though we here at Nintendo Fire don’t speak Japanese, we’ve heard that a rough translation of Sakurai’s Tweet goes as such:

“Wii U and 3DS versions—I would like to show you both.”

What is he talking about? Super Smash Bros. 4, of course—for both systems, showing up at this year’s E3. We’d already heard that the Wii U edition would be shown at the conference, but this is the first announcement of the 3DS version.

Last August, Sakurai mentioned that the game was complete or nearly complete, and that they don’t plan on making it a 3D title—but at the same time, they’re exploring various ways to create unique gameplay aspects for a different experience that still maintains the spirit of fans’ beloved Smash Bros. games.


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