3DS 3Shop Six-Week Sale Begins

If you recall last week’s Nintendo Direct broadcast, you might have been among those who noticed that during the event, Nintendo of America started a 3DS eShop promotion that has one particular game on discount each week for the next six weeks.

The sale includes a number of widely recommended titles, making it worth your while to check out! The first game is on sale until this Thursday (Feb. 21st), and the next game’s sale week will begin that same day.

There are also some planned retail download sales for Europe, but currently the only confirmed sale is for week one (on right now), with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D on for £19.99.

Here’s the sale schedule for North America!

BIT.TRIP SAGA (Feb . 14th-21st) — $9.99

Crashmo (Feb. 21st-28th) — $5.99

Fractured Soul (Feb 28th-March 7th) — $7.99

Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword (March 7th-March 14th) — $4.99

Ketzai’s Corridors (March 14th-March 21st) — $4.99

Mutant Mudds (March 21st-March 28th) — $5.99


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