New Update Means Better Miiverse Content Filtering

Nintendo has been hard at work on the Miiverse, making the necessary changes to ensure the experience is a little more pleasant for all of us. At the moment, that specifically means filtering the content you see to make it easier to handle. A verified staff member named Marty appeared in the Miiverse yesterday to let players know about the update.

“Player posts” can now be filtered within each of the gaming communities by touching the option at the top of the screen, so you can see only those Miis who have played the game in question (and not the posters who haven’t). And with your personal posts, the spoiler posts will be noted with a special symbol above the message.

If you want to unfollow someone, that’s easier too—there’s a button that allows you to do this directly from the follow list, instead of going all the way into someone’s profile to unfollow. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s an update to the blocking feature. Previously, you could still see the posts of someone you’d blocked, and now? Nothing. Which sounds like a good thing that fulfills the reason you’d block someone in the first place.


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