Take a Gander at Luigi’s “ScareScraper” Multiplayer

We’re about two weeks away from the release of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, the official sequel to the GameCube title. The game is a full-length adventure for Mario’s brother, and will feature local and online multiplayer—though the mode itself has been kept tightly under wraps for the majority of the development period, with little to no information released about it.

That said, we’re now getting a little glimpse into what the multiplayer has in store! Last week, Nintendo of America published a video that shows off a bit of what’s called “ScareScraper” multiplayer mode.

You’ll see three members of the staff teaming up with a mysterious online friend—oooh, guess who?—and a quick preview of the play options before a little demo of the multiplayer mode.

Naturally, as we’ve learned from many other of Nintendo’s multiplayer modes for numerous titles, it looks more fun when you play in person with other people, but it really does look fun regardless. Online play sounds great, and is a welcome addition to the upcoming game from our point of view.


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