Castle Conqueror Dark Age On the Way?

CIRCLE Entertainment, the group behind the DSiWare’s Castle Conqueror series, has confirmed in a Tweet that there is definitely going to be another title in the series, this time called Castle Conqueror Dark Age.

This game will be a sequel to Castle Conqueror Heroes 2, and speculation is that this means the game will feature turn-based combat as players experienced in the Heroes sub-series of games as opposed to the real-time combat featured in the first line series.

Here’s the Tweet

Bad grammar aside, this sounds like good news for fans of the series! Castle Conqueror Heroes was well-received on release, so the prospect of another game may send you into a bit of a tizzy. Hold onto your hats, though, because we’re not yet sure if the game will be available on DSiWare or 3DS.


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