E3: New Pokémon Type in X & Y!

In today’s Nintendo Direct broadcast from E3, Pokémon fans got a huge shake-up… but in a good way! Satoru Iwata announced that in the upcoming Pokémon X & Y, players will discover a brand new type of Pokémon: the Fairy!

This creature will be “super effective!” against Dragons in particular, and a number of existing Pokémon critters will be given reclassifications to this new type. For example, Marill and Jigglypuff, along with a new Pokémon named Eveelution Sylveon will be the first Fairy types for players to try out their new abilities.

There will also be a new mode that’s like virtual pets—called Pokémon Amie—that players can use to boost up their relationships with the critters they adore the most. Using the 3DS camera, players will be able to imitate the creatures’ facial features, or the touch screen can be used to stroke them like your very own housekitty. Awwwww.

Pokémon X & Y will be available on October 12th of this year!


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