E3: Nintendo’s E3 Roundup

Another year, another E3 is behind us… and in 2013, Nintendo did something different. Did it work? That’s for the upcoming year to tell.

As just about everyone who paid any attention to the coverage knows, Nintendo skipped the live presentation aspect of the conference, and instead presented multiple video releases over the course of the event, starting with their E3 Nintendo Direct.

We got to see additional developer videos that interviewed the folks working on upcoming releases—and learn a little more about why these people do what they do—as well as some standard round-table discussions and hands-on time with Nintendo’s rather impressive booth on the floor.

For those who were unable to attend or who’d like a recap of what happened, Nintendo has put together a fancy-pants summary of the various broadcasts, venue events, and reveals that the company was a part of during these past few days. You’ll also get to see the sets that have become internet-famous quite quickly—you know, the ones where the Nintendo bosses took photos in silly poses!

Consensus from the GP seems to be that not all the expectations for Nintendo were met in this year’s event, but it wasn’t all bad! There’s plenty to look forward to in the year ahead, and perhaps most important of all? We got to see a video game company doing what a video game company should do—having fun!


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