Canada Misses Out on Kokuga

Happy Canada Day! Oh, and by the way, Canada, maybe this is the right time to give you the bad news. Turns out Canadian 3DS owners aren’t being included in the release of developer G.Rev’s 3DS game Kokuga.

It’s hitting the European 3DS eShop next week, and it’s already been released in the United States… but the action-packed game is nowhere to be found in the Great White North.

G.Rev said this about the bizarre exclusion:

“Unfortunately, the game is not available in Canada at the moment. We were notified very late in the preparation process that we would not be able to release the game as it is to the Canadian market. Frankly, we were quite surprised by this information.

We are currently looking at our options and hope to make it available in the future. However, we do not have a timeline at this point.

We are sorry to have disappointed you but hope you will understand. If we have any news about a Canadian release, we will let you know.”

Sorry, Canada. Maybe not the best news to give you on your birthday…


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