New Japanese Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Trailers

Not too long ago, we posted the latest trailer out of Nintendo UK for the upcoming game Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. The trailer was silly, quirky, and gave us lots of hint about what’s to come in the game. It seemed fairly straightforward, but maybe that’s because it came out of the UK… as for these new trailers out of Japan? Well, they’re straightforward in their own way… sort of.

We have two trailers for you, each presenting the game in their own way. The first one is a trailer over five minutes long, so anyone who’d rather not see spoilers in terms of how the game looks and some of the features might want to skip this one. That said, it’s in Japanese, so you’ll have to rely on visuals regardless (unless you speak Japanese).

The second trailer brings the silliness in a way only Nintendo can, with an actress dressed as Luigi re-enacting some of Luigi’s moves in the game… including those that involve combining multiple Luigis together to form a giant Luigi mass! Don’t miss this one!



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