StreetPass DLC Update Hits North America!!!

In June, Europe and Japan received system updates for the 3DS that provided not only a shiny update for the Mii plaza, but also brought along DLC for purchase in the form of four new mini-games. In North America, we received an update that didn’t include the paid content, much to our sorrow… and while we’re still a little confused as to why we didn’t get it when everyone else did, the wait is over!

Sitting on your 3DS today—uh, provided it’s powered up and the wireless is on—is the system update 6.1.0-12U, just waiting to bring you a beautiful new plaza and the perfect outlet through which to spend your hard-earned pennies.

New hats! New tokens! New obsessing over making sure you have your 3DS with you at all times!

The pricing on the four mini-games follows the same scheme as we saw in Europe, so you can purchase each one for $4.99 or the bundle of games at $14.99. According to Satoru Iwata, over 200,000 3DS owners in Japan and Europe have already purchased at least one of these games, so if that isn’t incentive enough to get playing, well, we can’t help you.

If for some reason the actual content of the games matters to you, here’s what each one’s all about:

  • Flower Town: Become a Master Gardener! Grow flowers, and meet people to decorate your garden with! The more Miis you meet, the bigger your plants will grow.
  • Mii Force:  This is a side-scrolling shooter, where your Mii is an elite space police team member. Gold Bone Gang is doing bad things, so get out there and save the StreetPass Galaxy!
  • Monster Manor: Pretend you’re Sherlock Holmes and get to solving the mysterious mysteries inside a haunted house!
  • Warrior’s Way: You’ve always wanted to rule a country, and now’s your chance. Build an army through StreetPass and battle generals, because a country obviously isn’t enough for you… you must rule the StreetPass world!

So… have you loaded up the system update menu yet? What are you waiting for?!


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