Release Dates Jump About After Financial Statement

Along with the financial reports that came down the line from Nintendo today, some additional documents were released to the public which contain details on upcoming game releases for their major consoles. And while the majority of the release dates are exactly what we already are aware of, a few changes on the list are making us scratch our heads.

The first major change, one which may disappoint folks in Europe, is the pushback of Bravely Default: Flying Fairy to 2014 instead of 2013. This may have been done to coincide with the North American release in 2014, which we’d already expected. But we’re also seeing that Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies, a very hot upcoming release, has a “later in 2013” European date and just “2014” for North America.

And who remembers that demo for Dr. Kawashima’s Devilish Brain Training: Can You Stay Focused? a few months ago? The game is still missing from store shelves in Europe, and the update says “TBD.”

Mario Golf: World Tour is quite confusing as well, because while a previous briefing stated it would be available in 2014, the North American release date in today’s report states “summer 2013.” Well, we’re right in the middle of summer 2013, so does that mean we’ll be seeing the game any moment now?

As for the other titles, hopefully the changes aren’t enough to put you into a bad mood this morning.


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