Shigeru Miyamoto Hints at Hidden Content in Pikmin 3

With Pikmin 3 about to release in North America (and already available in Europe), we’re now discovering that there are some hidden treats to seek out inside the game. The game’s announcement community on Miiverse has been updated by Shigeru Miyamoto to reveal that there are secret memos hidden throughout the game that will reveal a code… but that’s all he’ll say for now!

Take a look at the post below for the details:


So, that’s it. That’s all we have for now! We don’t know what the codes do or how to use them, but presumably Miyamoto will continue to give us all hints as everyone has a chance to start playing through the game. The online community will also likely get the job done in a big way, so stay tuned there as community minds do their best to work through these secrets before we hear more official details!


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