Kickstarter Under Way for Metroid Film

Metroid fans with piles of extra cash—this one’s for you! There’s a new Kickstarter project that has just opened to help fund Metroid: Enemies Within, a live-action fan film that’s ten minutes long.

The project is being steered by Christian Cardona, a VFX supervisor with an Emmy nomination in his belt, and whose credits on TV and film projects include 24, Lost, Bones, and even Black Swan and Captain America.

The proposed short film will contain a storyline wherein Samus is hostage on an alien ship belonging to rival bounty hunter Sylux. Sylux plans to destroy the Federation and frame Samus for it, so of course she learns of it, must free herself, and stop the Bad Guy.

The Kickstarter is running until September 8th, and has a $90,000USD completion goal. If this is up your alley, go right ahead and pledge your pennies! And if you’re a cosplayer who’s obsessed with Metroid? Go ahead and check out that $10,000 donation bonus. Go on. We dare you.


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